More About Tommy

Dogs are remarkable creatures. They can be trained for search and rescue, help the disabled with everyday tasks, provide companionship and also be used in senior therapy. Yes, that’s right – senior therapy.

We have been using dogs in our in home senior care management program for years and have seen tremendous success. Which is why, its with a heavy heart that we inform readers that are beloved Holly passed away. Our clients loved having her around for therapy and visits, so we were eager to welcome another furry friend into the mix so our program could continue.

Pet therapy for seniors, also known as Animal Assisted Therapy, is a technique that we use with seniors for numerous reasons to help improve their quality of life. Studies show that just fifteen minutes spent bonding with an animal promotes hormonal changes within the brain. Stress levels drop as the brain produces serotonin (the “feel-good” hormone), along with prolactin and oxytocin. This is why therapy animals are good companions for seniors, because they offer so many amazing health benefits.

Our new canine in training is Tommy. While Tommy is still learning the ropes, we know our clients are already falling in love.

Tommy comes to us from Arkansas and is about one-year-old. He is a Border Collie Golden Retriever mix and his favorite things to do are running, chewing and stealing shoes – a true puppy.

Tommy is a rescue dog, who was found abandoned with his sister. Luckily a local vet discovered the pair while out on a bike ride and took him in. After some medical care he ended up at a local rescue center with the name Tommy. Given that our last name is Brady, we thought keeping the name was only fitting for a New England dog.



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