Safety Tips for Seniors

Elder care, south shore MA

Elder care, south shore MA

A recent study conducted for the National Institute of Aging found that about 22 percent of elderly Americans age 71 and older – about 5.4 million people – are already experiencing some degree of decline in their mental facilities.

The problem may not be severe enough to prevent taking care of their daily activities, but it can cause mild difficulty in completing those activities or in making complicated decisions. On a more personal perspective, this could mean elders are going through subtle changes that make them more susceptible to accidents. Safety at home is a top priority for elders and there are many simple safety steps that will reduce the risk of accidents.

Here are safety tips to make aging in place easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Fall Prevention Safety

  • Remove obstacles in the house that could cause tripping – everything from small floor rugs to objects on the floor like an oversized vase or magazine stand.
  • Install handrails and lights on staircases, with light switches at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Install shower and tub grab bars in the bathroom, around the toilet and the tub.
  • Place no-slip mats on the shower floor and bathtub.
  • Paint doorsills with a different, highlighting color to avoid tripping.
  • Put on hip pads if you’re at high risk for falls.
  • Make home lighting brighter, but prevent glare.
  • Have vision checked often and regularly.
  • Ask the doctor to review medications regularly.
  • Start exercising regularly, especially tai chi or yoga to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles and joints.
  • If you can’t stand comfortably, exercise in a chair

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